Exhibited in public space


series of 40 actions based on the concept of identity 

" From the window of your home you can see a character that looks exactly like someone you know, standing in stillness with eyes closed."

Teleportation´s invasions to everyday life in order to get rid of the pre-determined roles of an art scene, in order to share the experience of the authentic energetic explosion. Both harmony and tension is in between the magic of art and life.

I have exchanged the relation of artist and spectator for those that already exist. With self-reflective approach there is no more performer and spectator but for example daughter and mother, two friends or lovers.

Perceiving identity as the never-ending negotiation process formed in relationships,   I made the list of people according to the influence and importance of their existence in my life. People who are already a part of me within a certain social role. Combined the information of their whereabouts and the teleportation plan, the list of places where should I appear was ready. It didn't matter if it was in Czech Republic or in another country. That was the magic, I was painting the situation in my head, the dreamed and very unexpected meeting.

I exposed myself within the anonymity of the public space waiting for the moment of identification. Seemingly passively standing without movement across the street from the house of the person my eyes closed. Unexpected intervention into somebody´s everyday life, invasion into their daily schedule completes the action, giving the context. I have been teleported to many places in the Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Norway and Slovakia. Sometimes I was waiting for 20 minutes, sometimes for many hours, so I was leaving and coming back several times to keep the stillness. 

Presence in stillness have accelerated the process of revealing. The characters of neighborhoods  are mostly hidden for the first visit, sometimes even until we do not live there. The same person with the same clothes can bring fear for children to Icelandic woman, worries of man in Prague or police control in my native Sokolov.

Documentation can simply kill the authenticity. I was hesiatating if to have one but I decided to risk. It was teleportation. Teleportation requires no luggage. Audio recorder found its place in my bra, hidden. Collection of the recordings ,,Heartbeats'' from the moment of meeting I am not dare to exhibit.

Storytelling after the meeting. I was always staying with the person for some time, few hours or days, living their life with them. During that time my unexpected presence have been explained to social surrounding of visited person by himself. In the end I have invited all the people I have visited to Brno. They met and recouted their story within the art audience. After storytelling event my effort to escape from exhibition space finished with one sentence installed next to the window: " From the window of your home you can see a character that looks exactly like someone you know, standing in stillness with eyes closed."

Do disturb! Present but invisible, Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2016

 I had defined personal conditions which can bring authentic exchange of energy in between people through live act (performance). Among others there is basicly one main condition and that is to escape from the institutional borders of art. In that moment I got the opportunity to exhibit in the Palais de Tokyo within the group Delta Total.

I accepted it as a challenge. I participated as visible spectator, invisible artist. I started to play a game with members of Delta Total to have a certain distance from what is actually happening. They were my focus as well as the institution itself.

Firstly I had experienced the expositions and events in close proximity of Delta Total artists without being recognized. In the second step I exhibited mysterious objects next to art pieces. Gingerbreads and DIY objects that are not pretending to be art itself. They are revealing my presence to the group.