Memento Mori in action/ Culture fear

acts from 2011 till now reflecting the existence of the cemetery and other packagings 

Alternative cemeteries, Le Havre, France 2017

"Le tour de four", Travel to the Harfleur for second hand oven and visiting the cemeteries on the way, 18. 12. 2017, France

Being in Paris 10. 12. and 11. 12. 2017

Cemetery Parisien d'Ivry 8. 12. 2017, Paris

Exhumation Actions, Cemetery Nord and Cemetery Sanvic, Le Havre, France 2017

Internship in the cemeteries and crematorium in Le Havre, France 2017

Collecting and recycling plastic flowers from the roads and trash bins in the cemeteries of Le Havre, France 2016- 2017 

Eating/ Banquet in Cemetery in Všeradice, Czech 2015

Happening Soil for Soul/ Contact the soil. Eat with me. I cooked. Gallery Kaffistofa in Reykjavík, Iceland 2015

Palmenu/ Soil for Soul, cooking and eating in Iceland, 2015

Self-Timer interventions in Cemeteries Hólavallagarður, Fossvogskirkjugardur and Cemetery Mývatn, Iceland 2015

Self-Timer, Cemetery in Les Petits Cléments, France, West Norwood Cemetery in London and Cemetery in Huben, Austria

Self-Timer for lifelessness, Cemetery l'Okuno-in, Cemetery in Aoyama and Kichijoji, Japan, 2014

Self-Timer spreads, From cemeteries to fish market, supermarket Billa and Duomo in Milan, Italy 2013 

Self-Timer, Cemeteries Monumentale and Magiore in Milan, 2013 

Author's souvenir for The Ossuary of St. James' Church in Brno, Czech 2012

Art Gallery System, guerilla project Demence Now ! Vernissage 3.6.- 4.6. 2011, Municipal cemetery in Sokolov, Czech