What happened to you?

Visible aura of the drawing. Fresh memory. Still screams for the non-existent Line. Formed by attraction of two points. Arising from punches, by tension between them. The soul. Energetic. Inconstant. It is not lust for aggression. Violence is the force required to beget. Energy flowing from one pole to another. There and back. Inside out. Body and physicality of that act is just our presence stuck in here.

What happened to you? 

I was drawing.

The Line Existence/ Vernissage= Performance, Umakart gallery, Brno, 2014

Refreshment served before act : poppy, plums, black olives, red cabbage, red grapes and pepper

Act: essential of the line creation. Inspiration in the Japanese calligraphy shodō, the perfect, subtle and living line revealed in between punches, inertia of the energy. 

Documentation: photographs documenting the stigma of the act in the following days, one photo exhibited