Discovery of interpersonal energy

In Body. Cemetery Petersfriedhof, Salzburg 2015

Working intentionally with the platform of public space, surprise, peculiarity and the rapture from everyday life I have created three acts for the people in the small overcrowded cemetery in the centre of Salzburg. There are locals who use cemetery as a shortcut and tourists who are taking photographs there, even selfies. Capturing the time or capturing the proofs of visit turns out to be creating the same dynamic speed ambience. Existence in the name of western culture. I am taking my time. I am stayng in stillness in the middle of the narrow way, eyes closed.Each act always lasts one hour. The last one had been annonced to art public and canceled just before the begginig. For me nothing had changed anyway this project had been created particularly for passers-by. I even could not imagine how can be the act in this announced form which missing the moment of surprise. I thought it can not be succesful, authentic experience.

I could stand there about three quarters of an hour when suddenly something have changed. Majority of people passing me by were basicaly just a source of breeze for my sweaty body. That time it was different. I felt presence of somebody. Strong emotional presence that have impact also on my phyzical body. I have never felt my skin that tightened. As if my body have been stuffed with that strong presence, expansion in all direction.

When I open my eyes there was circle of people around.

Lava hits the ocean

voice performance

Head conscious of the material and time. 
My personal hourglass. Due to material I will be forced to stop. 

Such a non-European song

F.N.A.F. = Festival of Naked Forms 

Spontanious cream of the inner self created for the specific environment of Perla and Festival of Naked Forms. You have to get naked.

Feedback in Slovak:

Ahoj Zuzana, chcel som ti povedať, že tvoja performance na FNAF na mňa pôsobila najlepšie zo všetkých ktoré som videl, ako najčistejšie, najúprimnejšie, najorezanejšie gesto existencie, ktoré v sebe navyše odkazovalo na niekoľko ďalších kritických rovín. Bolo mi to veľmi blízke, nakoľko sa snažím hľadať práve takéto najúprimnejšie akcie, ktoré sú zároveň tie najcennejšie a najvzácnejšie, pretože idú až do samotnej podstaty existencie, až na kosť.