Merry Presence/ Fin du pain d´épices au Havre 2017 

Bordel is a great disorder, mess or brothel. Add corporeal and try to underestand. Jsem bordelář přestože uklízím pořád. Ambivalent game, independent artist, dependent human. Statement refuses monument, meanwhile practice is taking secret documentation of the ephemeral everyday life and becoming the spy. Gift that criticises gifted. Yoga and yodel. Freedom and the daily regime. Rice and saké. Plans and reality. Let hairs grow. Shave the hair. The Line existence is stucked in nattō. Santa Clause gives the bad education. The comunity is on the date with paranoia. Options and decisions. Undressed in public space to have reason to be scared. Fear of police, death and memory. Falling in love. Landing in head of ideals. Extremes are abusing love regularly. What for? Not for him. Physical pain want to take eternal holidays and pay with the soul.  Loses and smells of home. The photo of my father with white hair. My mother´s fall did not find a balance.